Any idea what these green dots represent?

On some workouts in the career page?


On my career page it looks like a green dot aligns with an outside ride?

That’s my best guess anyway.


Maybe, but today my TSS of 126 was an outside ride. It was a TR workout though that I had pushed to my Garmin.

You must be right. It must be recognising it as a TR workout and hence no green dot.

You guys are spot on :+1:

Green dots indicate an outdoor, unstructured ride. If you did an outdoor workout on your head unit, this green dot will not show up.

I have done a couple of outdoor workouts on my Wahoo Bolt this past week and the green dots still show up.

I just chatted with our Web Product Manager Brandon and he verified that the intended behavior is for Outside Workouts to show up like a normal indoor TrainerRoad workout, meaning it will not have a green dot.

That being said, we are still ironing out some kinks and it is possible that some of your Outdoor Workouts may show up incorrectly with a green dot. We are working on resolving this issue as quickly as we can :+1:.


Green dots mean the workouts are online and available to chat with.

This answers a major existential question on everyone’s mind: are bike workouts living beings?

The answer is yes.