Outdoor Training What should I see?

So I did my first outdoor training/workout ride the other day. I was kind of surprised to just see a map and strava workout graph at the bottom. Not sure what I was expecting…but use to indoor training chart etc. Just making sure I did everything correct…it wasn’t my planned/scheduled workout, just one I loaded that a friend was doing (similar to what I was assigned). Curious if it was on my calendar it would show up any differently?

I prefer riding outside for sure, but structured is hard, I did good enough keeping my power numbers in the ranges…the avg’s were right the range it wanted…

Anyway, thanks for thoughts!

Depends on which cycling computer you use.

Garmin Workout Sync Best Practices – TrainerRoad

I set up a custom screen and just try to keep it in the specified power range.

You can always switch to different screens during a workout, if you need to look at the map or something else, but for the most part you’ll keep it on the workout screen or on your own custom workout screen.

Also, there should be a way you can scroll down to see the details of the upcoming interval(s). This is useful if you can’t remember how many intervals you have left to complete.

I think he’s referring to how outdoor workouts appear in the calendar not head unit screens.

All completed outdoor workouts in the calendar show a map (assuming you have a Strava account) - here’s my calendar https://www.trainerroad.com/app/career/bobw/calendar - at the moment I’m doing everything outdoors, you have to go back to March to find one I did indoors. You can also see how future workouts that are also set to being outdoors appear.

No, and it’s kinda annoying that TR calendar shows a map for outside even if it’s a structured workout. And no workout targets are shown on the ride details. Hoping for some changes.


I really wish they had the workout targets. I’m not sure why they don’t.

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I’d second/third/fourth that… I think it would be good “marketing” for them. I’d even be ok if they didn’t overlay the power/yellow lines in case that isn’t easily available/calculated for the strava upload or what ever. I know you can dig in and see what strava shows as the interval chart. I’m vain and I want people to know I did a workout, not just a ride around wherever…lol.

Thanks for confirming what I should be seeing, looking forward todoing more outdoors, it wasn’t terrible…but I do enjoy the “close to perfect” I get indoors…