Antelope +2 or Antelope +3

Just looking at the plan for the next day and it’s antelope +2 - 5x10 min at 95% with 6 min recovery’s. Antelope +3 varies from 88%-94% but has 6 intervals and only short 2.5min recovery’s. Would the shorter recovery/lower power be more beneficial for back to back efforts? What’s everyone’s thoughts?

TR plans are based on progressive overload, so if you’re following a TR plan, Antelope +2 is probably the right fit based on what you did last week and what you’ll do next week:

  • SSBHVI: Tuesday workouts start at 5x10, then 5x12, then 3x20
  • Rolling Road Race, Sunday: 5x10, 2x3x10, 5x12, 3x20 (and then taper)
  • Climbing Road Race, Sunday: 5x10, 5x12, 4x15, 3x20

Remember your plan isn’t about “what’s the hardest thing I can do today”, it’s about “what’s the most effective thing I can do today that will force adaptations and also set me up for the rest of my training.” Managing fatigue and recovery is as important as the workouts, and it’s built into the plan structure.

(At the same time, “your physiology’s not that specific”, so you know, go to town if you’re feelin’ it :smiley:)

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Cheers, I understand the reasoning behind it but at the same time it doesn’t make much sense, Galena +1 was the workout prior to the recovery week last week which was 3x20 at the same power and 5 min recovery. It seems 5x10 with 6 min recovery is a step backwards.

Assuming this is you, it looks like you’re just starting Rolling Road Race Mid? Those Sunday workouts are mostly intended for lower-intensity volume after a week of higher-intensity work. If you read the week tips, it’ll say something about “if you feel like going longer and slower, substitute this other long ride”. Antelope +2 in context is both the beginning of a new sweet spot progression, and work you can do without burying yourself after the monster you slammed out today.

You’ve also moved from a Build block to a Specialty block. Specialty is less about pushing massive power gains and more about honing the specific energy systems that need to be sharp for your event, so there’s a relative workload (TSS) drop. The plan is setting you up to shed fatigue and maintain fitness before your event.


Cheers mate that’s makes sense!

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My advise stick to the plan. Ftfp