ANT+ Only Power Meter with iOS



I would love to be able to link my Pioneer LH crank power meter to the TrainerRoad app. The PM only broadcasts ANT+. Does anyone have a current, functional solution for this, that is still available for purchase?

I am aware of the CABLE bridge, but it seems very expensive for a work-around.

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CABLE should work, but I believe TR will only take one device bridged from it. In your case, you will want your Pioneer power meter.

Aside from an ANT+ bridge, your options are limited. Assuming your trainer has power (e.g., Neo, Kickr) you could use it as the power source. You could swap crank power meters. You could run TR on your computer. Actually, this might be the cheapest option. ANT+ USB dongle and USB extension cable are much cheaper than the NPE CABLE.

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Thanks @KickrLin for the reply :slight_smile:
I only need power - my trainer does speed and cadence already.
I have an ANT+ dongle, but iOS doesn’t want to recognise it, unfortunately.

Hey Cal!

There is technically a way to make your iOS device able to pick up an ANT+ signal, however, it is someone complicated and a bit expensive :pensive:

Firstly, you need a Wahoo ANT+ Key. This is the only key that is designed to work with third parties, so it is the only one that will successfully work with TrainerRoad.

Now you may notice that the Wahoo Key uses an outdated 30 Pin connector, which means you will also need an adapter to the standard Lightning connection. This is where things get tricky. The issue is that Apple discontinued this adapter, and many of the third party versions lack the internals necessary for constant data transfer. In other words, they are good for syncing and charging, but won’t work with TrainerRoad.

If you have an Apple Certified adapter from back when they originally made the switch, that would be your best option. If not, you can scour the internet for the few that remain, or buy a third party version through a company that will allow free returns.

I’m sorry I don’t have a more elegant solution for you here; sadly we don’t have control over these types of hardware supplier limitations.

If you have another device such as a laptop, that would likely be your best option to get things up and running properly.


Hi @Bryce,

Thanks to you for the reply! From what I’ve been reading, even this solution might have its problems. Some people are having compatibility problems with later iOS versions. I also understand that the CABLE is not fully supported (yet?) by TR.

Rest assured, I’m fully up and running with my laptop and ANT+ dongle, I’m just looking for a way to not have to lug my laptop home (or remember to), in order to do a workout.

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I don’t think the iOS problem exists anymore. There was a few month period (my guess is early to mid last year) where the compatibility was inconsistent.

I had a ANT+ Powertap hub connected to my iPad via the Wahoo/Lightning adapter… I don’t use the iPad anymore and train with a different bike/power meter, but I remember the problem being solved by Q3-2018. Possible it’s back though.

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Can confirm this. There was an iOS update last year that broke support for the Wahoo adapter but then it got patched and started working again.

I have a two training setups. One is with an older road bike with a Quarq that is ANT+, a first gen Kickr and an iPad. My other setup is a newer road bike with BT compatible Quarq DZero, Tacx Neo and iPad.

The first setup has been working well all winter. I use powermatch but every once in a while I find the iPad starts to have a flaky connection with the Quarq. If this happens, I reboot of the iPad always seems to fix it. TR advised me once that it’s always best to shut down the iPad after workouts and reboot before the next days workout, so I try and do this.


Thankns @fasterthanever and @Kuttermax for the info. At this stage, getting a wahoo dongle, a lightning adapter (if possible??) and an extension cable to get it close to the source seems like it will total as much or more than a CABLE bridge anyway.

Thoughts on just going with that, despite the “not fully supported” status?

Cheers again!

My iPhone 7 stopped working w the Wahoo adapter once iOS 12 came out. I have been using my wife’s phone since. Although, my last workout she was gone and it worked on mine again, 1st time in a month.
So, IDK???

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Hmm, one more option I think? I’d call 4iii and ask if the 4iiii HRM supports bridging a power meter.

The 4iiii Viiiiva HRM is an ANT+ to BLE bridge device. I own one. However, TR does not support the bridging mode.

I have a 4iiii Viiiiva HRM. It bridges power fine to TR. The problem is that is all it does and you need another HRM. You can wake it up and then put it somewhere. Annoying to need 2 HRM. It works fine in other things, like Wahoo Fitness & Sufferfest.

If you have an old iPhone lying around you can also get a cheap Wahoo Ant bike case. They only fit up to the 4s, which is no longer updated by Apple so you get none of the iOS 12 problems. Just need to check the TR app would still work. Because they only fit archaic phones you can find the cases dirt cheap and cheaper than the dongle.

Tried this with my wife’s old 4S. There is a gap between the highest IOS version you can download on the 4S and the lowest version that TrainerRoad supports if that makes sense. In other words I couldn’t get it to work.

That’s annoying. I would need to recharge my phone to test, but does it apply if you’ve got TR already installed…

Incidentally, I guessed the hardware was same as the single - you can loosen the 30 pin connector with a screw driver. Add a 30 pin to lightning adapter and I used the case with an iPad Air. (Last OS tested). There are 2 benefits over the dongle:

  1. price, particularly if you already own it
  2. the case has a microUSB charging port: needed for long workouts.
    Looks really silly though.

I recharged my old iPhone 4s & updated the app. It still works to sense my Ant+ HRM in the Wahoo Case. PM is in different room. Of-course I already had the app on the phone.

I used the lighting to 30 pin adapter and wahoo key until I purchased a new power meter.

I bought a non Apple adapter first and it didn’t work.

Hey @Critwannabe that’s good to hear. If you ever feel like sending that to Aus I’ll happily take it off your hands hah!

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Needed a mobile ANT+ solution for TrainerRoad, and went with a cheap Samsung Android Tab A 2017 8". It has internal ANT+ hardware, but unfortunately Samsung pushed an Android update that broke the internal ANT+, so I’m now using it with the Garmin USB ANT+ dongle that I had previously bought to use with Zwift on a laptop.

This leaves my iPhone free for running Zwift Companion App, Zwift running on AppleTV (via Bluetooth) at the same time with TrainerRoad on Android (ANT+).

Only trouble with this setup has been the occasional (maybe once a week) ANT+ device pairing problems that have taken reboots to solve before a workout.

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