iPad Pro what ant +

I have been using my Mac with an ant + lead to use trainer road. I now have an iPad Pro and it would be easier to use that but what can I use to connect ant+? It has a different connection to my husbands ipad. Anyone techie out there can help please?

If your trainer uses Bluetooth your ipad should just work (you’d just need to connect to your trainer in the bluetooth settings of your ipad). Otherwise you need something like this:

It receives the ant+ signal and converts it to bluetooth so your ipad can receive it.


but you’d need a 30-pin-to-lightning adapter as they haven’t made one for the more recent iphones/ipads

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That old 30-pin ANT+ adapter isn’t very reliable, believe me, I’ve tried. If you don’t BT capable devices you’re going to have a lackluster experience on iOS.

I use my iPad Bluetooth w/ a Kickr, Tickr and Wahoo cadence sensor and it’s flawless.

There was also recently a HR strap review that DCRainmaker did that concerted Ant+ to BT. I don’t remember exactly which but if you go there, you’ll find it. I want to say I saw it about 5-6 mos ago.

This HRM will act as a bridge.


What does your answer have to do with Ant+?

Most devices you own, if not all, should come with Bluetooth. That is just table stakes at this point. I’m using an iPad with my 4iiii power meter and that works flawlessly.

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Perhaps the OP doesn’t know he doesn’t actually need to connect his devices via Ant+.

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As others mentioned, OP may not need to use ANT+ with an iPad as many of us use an iPad without ANT+.

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It’s worked for me with an iPhone 5s and 7. But it’s still using 30 pin connector so you gotta wonder how long it’s going to be supported.

Actually you are correct, the 30 pin Ant+ dongle worked fine on an old iPhone using the native connector. I had problems with my 30-pin to Lightning connector. It’s a shame an updated model never came out, would be excellent to have a USB-C or Lightning Ant+ dongle.

Maybe the posters in this thread have not accounted for the main issue, which is connecting to an iPad Pro.

If we’re talking about a 2018 iPad Pro, it doesn’t have a Lightning connection, but an USB-C. So, what might work is to take a standard USB Ant+ dongle and connect it to the iPad Pro via a USB-C adapter. No more need for the 30pin dongle and 30pin to Lightning adapters. I haven’t tried it, but it may be worth a shot.

Unfortunately, a standard USB ANT+ stick will not work with the iPad Pro, even with the USB-C adapter. With the hardware currently availiable, it is not possible to connect the iPad Pro via ANT+ :pensive:.

As others have mentioned though, it may be possible to pair your sensors via Bluetooth. If that is not an option becasue all of your sensors are ANT+, another possibility is to use a bridging device such as the CABLE that will translate your ANT+ signal to Bluetooth. These bridging devices are not officially supported, but we have recieved positive feedback from customers who use them successfully.


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Too bad. Is this still the case with iPadOS 13, where connectivity with external devices is improved?

As far as we know, there is not a compatible ANT+ adapter regardless of OS.

That’s my understanding as well - there are no ANT+ drivers, so you need a bridging device which converts ANT+ into BT. Simplest, as some have noted, is the 4iiii HRM listed above.

Will this transmit HR and power/cadence from a PM to the TR app?

I read here that it doesn’t send HR to the TR app when bridging ANT+ to BLE:

I haven’t tried this in a while, so it may have changed, but TR used to prioritise the power. I used to turn on the 4iiii heart rate monitor and then wear a different heart rate monitor (optical forearm).

Cadence and/or speed is already in the Ant+ Power Meter specs. If your power meter does them I expect they’d be okay. If it’s a separate device I would guess it isn’t.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have this HRM and have no experience with it specifically. Could be worth and email to support@trainerroad.com to see if they know.