Ant+ not working over USB-C Dock

Hi Forum,

I use TR on my main laptop, which I need to relocate more or less each day. To reduce the hassle with cables etc I bought an USB-C Dock from LMP But neither my USB Garmin ANT+ Stick nor the dedicated USB Tacx ANT+ Antenna is recognized by the docks USB ports in any way. Everything else I tested works fine (Mouse, Keyboard, USB Sticks, Garmin Edge via USB). I tried also installing the TR USB Drivers and checked the TR troubleshooting page: Troubleshooting. I tried not everyhting on the troubleshooting page, but as soon as I use an USB port on the laptop itself the ANT+ Stick works. So either it is an inherent problem of my dock or something funny going on with USB “Adresses”. Any hints would be greatly appreciated, I want this to work :slight_smile: :grimacing: :grimacing: