Ant+ and USB extension cable

I thought i would share my experience with ant+ using windows 10. I have been having on-going issues with cadence drops/spikes and thus TR issues with power match. This started being an issue this year and the problem changed to some degree based on battery life, but also the intensity of the workout. I bought a 1m extension cable that helped a bit but still resulted in signal drops. Yesterday I did my first ride with a 2m extension cable that allowed the dongle to be placed directly between my Vector 3 pedals and Kickr. This appears to have done (at least for one ride) of eliminating the problem. Note in the bottom view of the attached image that the drops observed were not due to the signal but were due to cadence changes. This shows a clear improvement from the top view image from a recent ride with the 1m cable.

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I use an extension long enough to put the dongle directly under the BB as I had the same issue.
My previous Stages power meter couldn’t transmit the signal much further than my Garmin, apparently the Gen 3 is better but I still have the dongle in the same place.


A USB extension is less than $6 on Amazon. Well worth a try if you’re having any connection or drop out issues.


I use a USB extension on my BLE dongle, which was my connection path for Tacx Desktop App - and it worked fine. But for ANT+, which I use for TR, I have the dongle on the front of a desktop PC that’s a good 3m away from my bike, and there are no issues. Most of the problems are due to interference in the frequency bands used by the protocols, and indeed an extension bringing the dongle very close to the sensors can alleviate such problems.


Complete speculation here, but I wonder if it has something to do with your hardware (full disclosure though, I have little experience with 10 outside of work). I’ve been using the exact mentioned Amazon extension with a Garmin ANT+ dongle on a 2008 macbook flawlessly. The way your post reads, it sounds like there has been a derogation in the quality of data tracking? Anything different with your computer otherwise? Or, is it possible your dongle is failing? Have you attempted to run a workout with a different dongle vs. just putting an extension on? Again, pure speculation, but hope it helps if applicable.

Interestingly, I’ve been having these issues too with drop outs on windows with ant+ every few minutes, even with the dongle under the bottom bracket.

What I tried the last ride, which seemed to help is actually moving the dongle further away! For some reason this actually gave more consistent signal.

To troubleshoot this i took my android tablet (with ant+) and moved it around the room, using the devices menu to see signal strength and then located the dongle where it was best for all devices. Why we can’t have a signal strength indicator on the windows app I’m not quite sure…

I know there’s some underlying issue causing the signal to be so borderline, but haven’t been able to work it out yet. My best guess currently is my neighbours WiFi networks causing interference, but I can’t do a whole lot about that unfortunately.