Android app, ERG mode flatlines mid ride

Hi all, I hope I can explain this.

I’ve had a couple of recent instances, on two different Android devices, where everything is working fine at the start but part way through the workout the Actual Power level flatlines and remains constant for the rest of the session, doesn’t change to the new Target Power level for the next interval. I tried changing to resistance mode and still have same issue.

I’m using an Elite Direto trainer with inbuilt Ant+ connection on Samsung tablets.

I will experiment and see if it does the same on the Windows version.


Best to contact for direct support on this issue.

I have an elite qubo digital smart b+ controlled by an old Samsung note 5, and I get this from time to time too. I believe the signal drops for some reason and it never recovers. I usually have to exit/clear the TR app, power cycle the trainer, and then start it all back up again and resume the session.

Done, thanks Chad

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I’ve had this happen a few times. I’ve solved by pausing the workout, turning power to Trainer off and then on again and then resuming the workout.

Its only happened to me while running TR on my Android phone and Zwift on my Macbook.

Another vote for power cycle the trainer first.

I’ve seen this happen less than five times in several years, but that solved it all but once.

Thanks for your replies people, I will try powering off the trainer should this happen again. Strange thing is I’ve been using the Android App for maybe 12 months with no issues, this has only strarted happening in the last couple weeks. Would hate for this to happen during a ramp test, so will revert to Windows for those.

you mentioned Samsung, and it reminds me of the issues I am having, too. I haven’t confirmed it is the samsung, but I’m close to putting the blame on it. have you tried using a laptop and seeing if you experience the same issue?

I do know some Androids and Samsungs can revert to a ‘power saver’ mode (sometimes unexpectedly), which can result in device dropouts. The support team is super good at running through these potential sources of issues, but going to windows to isolate any Android-related issues first is a good idea!

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TR Support Team is outstanding.