Android App Bug

I have a problem. When I do Ramp test, after a while, it stops working and the power does not change. Constant power 281 and no matter what I do next.


My gear:
Elite Turno
Suunto Smart Sensor
Huwaei P10 (EMUI 8.0.0, Android 8.0.0.)

So sorry to hear that!

This is definitely a technical issue. I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team at so that they can take a closer look at your log files and see what is going wrong here.



Did you ever get your issue resolved? I’ve got exactly the same issue on the Ramp test, here’s the Strava link:

I’m using:
Wahoo Kickr Snap
Wahoo Cadence Sensor
Wahoo Ticker HRM
Huawei P10 (the only common piece of kit between us)

After between 10 and 20 minutes all sensors “flatline”, i.e. they just give one reading.


Count me in as well. This is from last night. Using Samsung S8. Hammer.


Hey Ruan,

Thanks for letting us know about the issues you have been having.

I have made sure to get a support agent on the case, and he will be reaching out very soon. So, keep an eye out for an email from us!

If anyone else is experiencing issues, please submit a support ticket to, and we would be happy to take care of you there. As this issue has cropped up more and more, we are making it a high priority issue, so please keep us updated!

Thank you!

Last 2 sessions have done this to me also

Elite drivo 2
Favero assioma duo

I’ve also emailed, thanks