Bluetooth Vs. ANT+ [Android]


I’ve recently gotten a Samsung S20 FE (from an S10), so I’ve lost ANT+.

It is very weird to me, that with ANT+ on the S10, the ERG mode would work flawlessly, as long as I had the legs, the power would stay very consistent, but using Bluetooth, the power (and I’m guessing the targets set) fluctuate a lot, or not at all.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I’m thinking of moving from using my phone to using my computer with an ANT+ dongle (which I use for Zwift, and it works perfectly), but this will not be as convenient as my current setup.

I just got out of the trainer out of cheer frustration.

ps.: this is on a Tacx Flux S


This is not the normal experience, sorry for the trouble!
Best protocol on stuff like this is to reach out to They’ll provide the best insight and troubleshooting based upon not only the full scope of your ride logs, but also based upon your internal ride logs as well. They’re pros, and will be happy to help you!