An app to calibrate and correct your trainer with a reference power meter: would you use it? Request for comments

Happy user of a Tacx NEO 2T, I got Favero Assioma DUO power meter pedals and tried them yesterday for the first time.

Here’s the result:

Well… turns out the 2T is not as accurate as I hoped, under-reporting from 3 to 5% when it matters most.
The Assioma’s data look good however.

Since I’m well versed with Android and Bluetooth Low Energy development, I’m thinking about making an app that would calibrate then correct power data sources in real-time.

Here’s how it would work:

  1. By connecting 2 or more power data sources to the app during a few rides, a correction profile would be calculated from the differences between the source defined as reference and others.
  2. When training or racing on the trainer after that, Trainerroad or Zwift would connect to the app instead of the power source directly and receive corrected data. Only the app would be connected to the inaccurate data source, acting as a calibrated relay.

Typical use cases:

  • your trainer is not accurate but you can momentarily borrow power meter pedals or a bike with a power meter: you’ll get preventative values without a costly upgrade.
  • one of your bikes has a crank / spider / hub power meter and it doesn’t match with your trainer’s power data, so when the other bike is on the trainer figures don’t matches, intervals, stats or online races are off.
  • you own power meter pedals but don’t want to swap them every time between the outdoor bike(s) and the bike on the trainer.

I’m curious to make this app for myself, starting with a quick Proof of Concept within a few days.

Would anyone also be interested, and use it?