Would be trainerroad user needs information

Hi there. I’m thinking of switching from zwift to trainerroad because I’m now using an android tablet instead of a laptop. However, I do like to calibrate my trainer, a tacx vortex smart, quite often. I need to know as accurately as possible my output. Is this possible with trainerroad? If it is, is there any way I can do a free trial for a couple of days?

Yes, you can have a free trial of TR - I’ll message you directly with a code

That said, I’m not sure why Zwift and TR would vary in their ability to report your power correctly. What trainer and/or power meter do you use?

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Also, yes. You can calibrate your smart trainer or power meter from within the TR app.

Its not a case of reporting the power correctly. If I can’t calibrate the trainer, which I can’t with Zwift, that’s no good to me. I need to know if I can calibrate it with trainerroad.

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Got it - don’t have experience of this myself as my trainer doesn’t need calibration, but this is how it’s done in TR:

That’s great. Just what I needed to know. Thanks.

Your biggest obstacle is going to be that trainer. My Vortex was 30-50 watts off at threshold and up to 70 watts off on a sprint.

My advice is don’t get married to the actual number. It’s heart breaking to think your 20 minute power is 300 and it turns out it’s 250. :slight_smile: Still, it’s all relative so you can train to the numbers you getting out of your Tacx. Just set the tire pressure the same every time and calibrate.

This video might help you better understand the Tacx power curve and limitations:

This topic I started might also help: