Manual powermatch: am I right?

I own a tacx flux s smart trainer. The ramp test here assessed a 287W FTP with trainer road mobile app.

I also own a favero assioma powermeter ON ANOTHER BIKE (331W FTP, 8’ test outdoor).

I don’t like to install my favero assioma on the smart trainer bike. I just need to use assioma outdoor on one bike and tacx powermeter indoor. So here’s my questions at last! :wink:

How can I match the two powermeters?

Is it ok to use “manual powermatch” and input a +44W offset?

You will not have access to PowerMatch unless you have a smart trainer AND a power meter connected to the TR app, at the same time. So your suggestion will not work.

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Are you trying to get your Assiamos to report the same power output as as your trainer so everything matches up inside and out?

Why not switch them between bikes? It’s one of the major advantages of having pedal based power!

Also don’t forget that indoor and outdoor ftp can vary for a number of reasons including motivation, cooling etc so it may not just be the different power sources

Use virtual power and adjust wheel diameter, maybe. That’s what I do.


yes carytb, i am. That’s exactly my target: i’d like to visualize the same watt value both on the trainer and on the bike, so i can associate a physical stress to the Watts i see.

i already switch them between timetrial and road bike. I’m lazy :smiley: but mainly i hate owning a powermeter on a trainer and not using it.
but i will, of course, if i can’t find a solution.

i’m also considering displaying FTP% instead of Watt value, if only i can set all the displays accordingly.

The Assioma’s have a feature where you can increase or decrease the power they report by a percentage. You can see from the attached photo mine is set t +7.8% so that it matches my other Stages power meter. All I did was do 3/4 different type of rides with the 2 meters, 1 recording to trainer road 1 recording to my Garmin, I then compared the average of the average powers recorded and applied that to the Assioma



If the power difference is the same across all wattages that’s a great solution but I’d want to make sure that’s 100 percent the case before using it

The other issue is the difference in power readings may not be constant across the spectrum. So difference may be 20w at 100w, 45w at 200w and 80w at 300w…

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If they were windly out at different intensities then, yes, that would be a problem then using the DC rainmaker analyser tool you could check that it was a more or less proportional error. If not then pick the range of power numbers that you were interested in for a particular type of workout ie VO2max, Tempo, Sweet Spot and “fine” tune it for that workout if you wanted to go that far. As for me its sufficiently accurate if the Average Power and TSS are within a couple of percent of each other.

Here is a screen shot of my final run with my Favero’s at +7.8%. with power smoothing at 15secs.

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