Am I the only person that curses at the screen

Started a new training block for the winter. Did the FTP test on Tuesday. Today the Training Plan called for Kaweah - 96-99% FTP, 10-minute blocks. Starting the 2nd interval Chad says - this is a small increase in effort from 96 - 99%. I just cursed at the screen. Now I was at 99% FTP and feeling pain and had no extra oxygen to curse at the screen.

I curse at myself. At least then I can curse back. Makes it more entertaining, for me at least. :slight_smile:

I curse the whole time

I whisper sweet nothings to myself…and Chad…mostly Chad

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I just suck it up , and say this is going to make me faster :slight_smile:

I started base again 3 weeks ago and i said who puts 12 minutes of Over/Unders in week One. :rofl: