Am I doing this wrong?

Morning Hive mind,

I did “mount wood” last night and I wonder whether I am doing it wrong I see a lot of people say they struggle with these but I didn’t seem to get a heart rate response from them that I expected. They were tough but very achievable and I had no issues running afterwards?

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I just checked my history with this workout. I’ve done it 4 times on tri plans and had no issues. This is pretty forgiving as over-unders go so I’d just be happy it didn’t affect your run and not overthink it.


Hmm, so I know HR is very individual but a max HR of 143 during an Over-Under workout sounds low to me. It looks like this is 8 min intervals of 3min under and 1 min over so it isn’t a terribly difficult workout as far as OU’s are concerned. I would probably say that this should be a mildly to slightly challenging workout. On the over parts you should feel you muscles start to well up.

How do you think this HR and RPE aligns with what you would expect?

This sounds about how I would expect it to feel.

OU’s start to get really difficult when they are 10+min with 2:1 or 1:1 Under:Over so this is an easy introduction to those types of workouts.

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I could do that workout with zero issues and run just fine after…but my strength is that type of workout / ride. I can ride Sweetspot for hours and toss in the occasional effort, recover and do it again. But VO2 Max workouts kill me…others can do VO2 Max workouts easier, but struggle with SS work.

So your strength on the bike may be suited to these types of over / unders.

or your FTP is too low. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mount Wood is 3x8, with each interval split into 3 minutes under/1 minute over. In the new Adaptive Training world, it’s assigned a Threshold level of 2.7:


Here’s an over-under workout I find difficult:


3x16, with each interval split into 1 minute under, 1 minute ramping up, 1 minute over, 1 minute ramping down.

Here’s another one:


4x12, each interval is 1 minute under/2 minutes over. I’ve failed this one a couple times.

So no, you’re not doing it wrong, you’re just doing an over-under session that is on the less-intense side of the over-under spectrum. You smashed it, so well done!

Sounds like the OP is doing it right. The first figure I look at for a quick estimate of difficulty is the IF. An IF of 0.80 looks exactly as the OP said hard but doable. Up to around 0.91 has been doable for me. A lot of overs and unders will stretch me more though. a 0.88 sweet spot/theshold session wont stretch me as much as a 0.88 over/under session.

If their max HR is 170, that’s a max of 84% of max HR. Which sounds reasonable.

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Yeah, that’s why I said it’s individual. I just think for the majority of people that would a low HR for a OU workout so I figured I’d mention it as something to take into account.

LOL…the thread title totally reminded me of this…would be hilarious if the OP’s name was “Jack”. :rofl:

That would be a piece of cake for me. Sounds like all is fine here.

That was my concern, I was expecting a kick in the HR for the 1 minute peak

45yr old peaked at sport in my early 30s with 400m crawl of 4.17, 1500m 17.30, which is about the best 5km run too.

Work kids I am now at 128kg. And my HR hit 161 as part of the ramp test.

I have a run test tomorrow outdoors so hopefully that will get me a better upper Hr to work from :-/