Altitude-adjusted Power as ConnectIQ Data Field

After seeing the new feature on, allowing you to compare power to altitude adjusted power, I was inspired to look into adding this as a data field to my Garmin, using one of the formulas here. ConnectIQ clearly has the flexibility/power to do this calculation, but I can’t seem to find anyone who has done this already. Am I the only person who has thought it would be at least interesting, if not valuable, to be able to see their “sea-level-equivalent” power while up and down in the mountains?

I messed around this morning with ConnectIQ. I made it decently far, but I’m having a few technical issues that indicate to me that I need to invest a chunk more time into learning the software to pull this off. Does anyone have any leads that could help me out?

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I think I’ve figured out a quick and relatively simple way to do this… If anyone else is interested, here is what I did:

  1. Installed the ConnectIQ app AppBuilder 5
  2. In the AppBuilder settings, used this formula (acclimatized athlete – ensures no negative power!):
If(power/((-1.12*(altitude_raw/1000)^2 -1.9*(altitude_raw/1000)+99.9)/100) gt 0, power/((-1.12*(altitude_raw/1000)^2 -1.9*(altitude_raw/1000)+99.9)/100), 0)
  1. Set the datafield on a page and… It seems to be working.

If anyone is interested in doing this “right” with ConnectIQ I would be interested, or if someone can help me fill in a few gaps I might be able to take on the project myself. I think it might be interesting to build out some more fields (average/lap/smoothed) and it seems like AppBuilder doesn’t really support that.


Cool! Thanks for sharing.

As a Wahoo user, I really wish they did something like this. I have so many fields that I want to create, for specialized things like this, W’ bal, etc

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