Correcting power data from a Quarq that wasn't calibrated

I regularly shuttle/tow my 8y.o. up the local hills and last weekend on one such tow I got some wild results with my Quarq, 50w or 15% higher than PRs for the 1-5 minute range. I didn’t calibrate at the start of that ride, lesson learnt.

From my TR power curves

Other than deleting this ride and/or power data completely, has anyone got any experience on whether the ride can / should have its power data adjusted?

I’ve ‘excluded from PRs’ in TR, and, but I can’t see this option in Strava. Thanks

Use Fit File tools to adjust all power down by a certain %. It wont be exact but you can bring it into the ballpark. Then delete in Strava, TR and Interval and reupload into Strava…it shoudl appear in TR and Interval.