Alternative Sweet Spot plans

Following on from this thread Not hard Enough? would it be possible for @Chad to create alternative Sweet Spot plans, particularly Low and Mid Volume part 2?

Workouts like Taylor-2 are very much introductory efforts into the VO2Max world, similarly for some of the earlier over-under ones. I know it’s possible to swap other workouts in for these but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a plan in the first place and there’s no guarantee that you’ll select a sensible progression or mistakenly overstress yourself in terms of the overall plan. This lack of variation generally becomes more of an issue when using Plan Builder since you tend to go Base → Build → Base …

Spencer is introductory? Assume you mean Taylor -2?

Aagh! I’ll edit it :hot_face:

I can tell you’re not a TT’er then @bobw :grimacing:
Try setting up a plan with 40km TT as your target…

I guess there’s a lot of repetition :thinking:

Hmm, just put a 40km TT as my target for a year from now. I was right! :star_struck: