Changes to Training Plan

Looking at next weeks schedule - on Tuesday schedule to do Taylor -2 : 30-seconds of 120% bursts. My issue due to a heart condition my doctor recommends not doing short bursts of activity. I have no restrictions on riding. I looked at the variations for Taylor and they all have micro bursts. Any recommends for changes - maybe a ride with similar effort but at Sweet Spot?

A couple of questions come to mind:

  • what plan are you on?
  • and what exactly did your doctor advise?

Taylor -2 is a VO2max workout, designed to have you working well above FTP for fairly short periods. Depending on the plan you’ve chosen, you’ll get other VO2max workouts as well. You could substitute those for sweet spot workouts, but the stimulus will be different. Rather than constantly having to swap workouts out, you might want to switch to a different plan - but most of the TR low/mid volume plans will have VO2max efforts in them.

Sweet spot workouts can also take your heart rate well into VO2max territory. Would this be ok?

I am using an individual training plan developed by TR - the goal being a long road ride in the spring. The plan started this week and the upcoming week is the first ride with VO max. I guess I can cancel the current plan and request when they are developing a new plan not to include VO max sessions.
My cardiologist is great with me working out (swimming, biking, and jogging) but he does not recommend Short High Intensity sessions. Has to do with my HR issues.

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If you used plan builder, then you’ll likely have a number of more intense sessions. One possibility is to use the Traditional Base plans instead, which plan builder won’t prescribe. For example:

Thanks for the help

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I would say that, unless there’s some crazy heat or something, Sweet Spot should not bring your HR into VO2 range. If that’s happening your FTP is most likely set way too high.

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Hate to be a pain - how do I cancel my current plan? I looked for a “remove” link but did not see. I am sure it is right in front of me. Then I will had a training plan.

I think if you click on the annotation at the beginning of the plan there will be a delete option in the pop-up window

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