Sprint intervals to address cramping?

Cramping… Yes, another cramping post… :slight_smile:

I read through all the posts about cramping in the Forum as well as online literature on this topic. I usually cramp on the second half of a 47 to 60 mile “climbing” road race with about 2000ft of elevation gain per lap, and towards the final 1 or 2k of similar length road races with rolling hills. I have a climber build: race weight of 123 pounds, and about 3.8w/kilo. I am about 45 years of age, and I started riding again about 5 years ago. In my early 20’s, I never had cramping issues. Of course, I had bigger legs back then (race weight of 133 pounds with 5% body fat). I also stopped exercising from 22 years of age due to working constantly.

I have tried to mitigate cramping of my inner thigh and quads with the following so far: electrolytes, strength lifting, stretching, yoga, longer and harder rides, riding in hot weather. Unfortunately, none of these have minimize the cramping. I have heard that I should also try more sprint intervals, so when should I incorporate these into the training phases? In terms of the macro-period: During the off season before I start TR’s SSBs? During SSB1 and/or SSB2? During the Build phase? First 4 weeks of the specialty phase, or last 4 weeks before my A race? Or during every phase? In terms of the micro periods: how many times should I do sprint intervals per week?