Thighs cramping after long sweetspot?

I usual get horrible cramps after the workouts.

I can’t sit for 5 minutes without getting extreme tightness and discomfort.

Anyone got the same issues?

Nearly all of my cramping issues went away after I started adding electrolytes to my water. I’ve settled on NUUN as the one that works for me.

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Five minutes in isn’t likely to be hydration.

Do you cramp on the road?

Is it every workout?

How long into the workout?

What fans are you using?

Bike fit?

How often do you stand?

Good hydration options:
Nuun and Skratch Labs are both splendid if it’s hydration.

Some useless commentary:
I sweat profusely/salty and used to cramp on long hot days. Trainer rides as well.

Hot days I double up on skratch labs. Bottle plus every hour.

Trainer rides I got a better fan and windows open. Below 50 I’m inside paining. Above 51 in the garage. Proper cooling no cramps. Every once in a while I’ll skratch labs on the trainer. Theoretically, it’s to keep training and riding the same. However, in reality sometimes it’s just a treat on the trainer.

Good luck.

I am betting that your seat is too far back, forcing you to use predominantly your quads.
Move your seat forward and see if you have the same issues

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Lots of dialogue about sources of cramping online (no absolute proof of its cause). The best place to start is getting sufficient electrolytes. Hammer Nutrition’s “Heed” is a great product for serious endurance athletes. Nuun, as mentioned above, is a popular consumer product. For more serious crampers, such as me, in addition to Heed, I use Hammer’s Nutrition’s Endurolytes (capsule of electrolytes that you can take before and during high intensity workouts/bike rides). While pickle juice has long been believed to be beneficial due to it containing salt (the key electrolyte needed), more recently its been shown to trigger the TRP gland that may inhibit cramping (easy to try since you are indoors).