All Devices Show Connected but TR App Flat-Lined

Newbie that just joined TR. Running TR app on HP laptop running Windows 10 with Cycplus ANT+ stick. Connected cycle equipment consists of Garmin Rally XC200 SPD power pedals and Garmin HRM. The laptop is within four feet of the power pedals. All updates installed. The laptop was completely turned off before starting my ride. Not running any other software on the laptop while riding other than TR.

Did ramp test yesterday and all devices connected, ran the ramp test with no issue, and all data recorded. Today started the first workout of my training plan and was 33 minutes in when everything flat-lined. Didn’t go to zeros but stayed at the same numbers for all metrics–power, target power, heart rate, and cadence. I continued riding but no change so got off the bike and checked TR for device connections. TR showed that all three devices (two pedals and HRM) were still connected. Took off the HRM and my heart rate continued to show as 104 for the next 15 minutes of the ride while I was not on the bike. Signed on to my Peloton and it showed that my HRM was working correctly. Checked my ride stats afterward online and it showed the same flat-line at 33 minutes and recorded as if I’d continued to ride at that steady pace.

Given that TR showed all devices connected and that I’ve never had an issue with my HRM, any idea on what might have occurred, or is this is something that happens sometimes with TR and is just a known bug? Hopefully, it will clear up before tomorrow’s workout. Thanks in advance.

Probably best for you to email so they can dig into the logs.


Parallel, but not exactly the same issue in the past. I was running TR on an older Android tablet. BT failed on the tablet, everything flatlined, but otherwise I think showed connected. I’d check your ANT+ stick, as that’s a common single point of failure in this scenario.