Alcohol impact on heart rate response...some actual data

Two workouts…210W NP the day after having two beers…212W NP after some number of weeks sobriety.


Buffalo Trace bourbon must absolutely tank it. I’m already with the excuses for a bad day. :joy:

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I’ve done my fair share of, err, research on this subject. I’ve looked but not found that specific correlation, but I can absolutely say there is an impact on my ability to recover over time. For that reason I’ve decided to stop doing research in this area. However if someone has an interesting study and is looking for participants, I’m all :beers: and ready to help with any important research :wink:


Well I’m sure Robo-chad is in some urgent need for more data. I guess we have no choice, but to revive the “research” :beers:


1% is surely within the error margin of the device measuring power?

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For sure. I’d call the NP for both sessions essentially the same.

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Help me out here. The two beer workout is showing increasing efficiency as the workout progresses and the abstained workout shows decreasing efficiency. Am missing something? On the whole I agree, alcohol even in moderation can adversely affect training and our fitness, but I don’t see that demonstrated here, in fact I see the opposite (if anything). What were your aerobic decoupling numbers for each workout?

Not really a fair comparison since they aren’t even the same workout. One has some minor changes in power and little bursts, the other is totally flat

I further annotated the charts by adding a green line at the 1.45 Pwr/HR line. And I would stress one more time the basic conclusion at the bottom of the graphic: El Chingon lowers Pwr/HR.

Not trying to make the data say more than that really. Just thought it was interesting.


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I gotta try this with some gin and tonics

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Yes. We say this with all data but it’s probably more true with this data set than it is for any other: further study is needed.


Okay, yeap. Still the efficiency trends in the workouts have me wondering. I was on a long ride some years ago and I stopped for lunch which included 3 PBRs, things were very different after that. I also notice late drinks do affect my overnight HR.