Shipping a trainer without the original box

Hey folks. I’m planning to sell my Saris H2 smart trainer but the box got lost during the house move last summer. Does anyone have any proper recommendations how to ship trainers without the original box and styrofoam? The box that big can be found but I’m not sure how to secure a 40lbs trainer in it. Any advice is much appreciated!

if you can find a suitably sized box then it might be that you need to start eating lots of eggs :slightly_smiling_face:

You could try contacting your LBS. Sometimes they have boxes and packing leftover from their display trainers and are able to part with them. I managed to cut up the styrofoam for a kickr core to send back a kickr so anything is possible with a bit of elbow grease

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Wrap it with a ton of bubble wrap, put in box, and then fill box with more packing material (not styrofoam peanuts) so there is no air pockets. The box should be able to take a drop from a few feet.

Thanks everyone! I’ll try another shop further away, the local one couldn’t help but if that doesn’t work, egg boxes and ton of bubble wrap will do. I appreciate the tips.