AI FTP sooner than 28 days

I got a notification after a workout a week or so ago that ai had a new ftp if i wanted it to detect it. I didn’t at the time as it was sooner than 28 days since my last ai ftp detection and i wanted to finish the hard week I had coming up. I told the system to remind me in two weeks.

However after finishing today’s workout it tells me i have to wait 6 more days (finishing out the two weeks) before i can use the detect by ftp again. Is there any way to run it without waiting?

Contact to see what they can do.

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@Yitzy42 @mcneese.chad I have had a similar occurrence today also.

Was offered Auto detect FTP about a week or so ago before my recovery/easy week. I put off detecting FTP until after the end of the easy week, but went to auto detect FTP a couple of days ago. It detected 8 watt increase.

Then I do today’s session - back to regular intense sessions - and it offers to autodetect my FTP again, just two days on from the last auto detect. I thought it was an error but thought I’d see what number it would give. And it detected another 7 watts.

I’m not too concerned as from past experience, I know my FTP is around the right ball park whether it’s the 7 watts higher or not. Sweet spot work outs will be achievable either way.

Bizarre, perhaps inconsequential for me but could be a bigger deal for some people?

iirc there is a new feature where ftp will be triggered after having achieved certain threshold, vo2max or anaerobic levels

Ah, that could make sense as I just did a 9.3 rated sweet spot.