Afternoon Munchies

I often feel hungry in the afternoons at work, especially if I’m at my desk, but less so if I’m in a meeting or walking around the office. I think I’ve formed a bad habit over the years by snacking so I’m looking for healthy snacks that will curb the hunger without consuming a bunch of calories, while I work on the longer-term goal of breaking the munching habit. The ideal solution for me would be something dry that I can keep at my desk and grab quickly, is crunchy, and takes a while to eat since I’ve found that helps as well. Thanks in advance!

Coconut flakes.

  • dry and keep forever
  • crunchy
  • take ages to chew because they’re so dry
  • you won’t want to go back for more

Some mixed nuts works for me!


Just as I was slamming a couple of tim tams, I saw this subject…

and now I’m disappointed (because that’s my ration of sweet treats for the day)

Roast almonds. Dried Apricots. Dates. Some oats… Make a trail mix.

Damn, now I’m thinking of the block of Cadbury Dark Roast Almond sitting in the freezer (where it’s been for 6 months… with the block of Top Deck and the block of Dream…).


fruit! I find a banana or apple helps me out. especially with a bit of peanut butter.

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Dehydrate them to keep them at your desk. I always have a container of them around for snacking.

Hydrating a few minutes before you snack, rather than after, can help take the edge off by occupying some stomach space. Don’t go overboard by chugging a ton of water.

Can’t agree with those suggesting nuts or dried fruit. While they’re perfectly fine to include in your normal diet, or even a planned snack, your question specifically addresses the problem of desk-snacking. I think calorie-dense foods set you up for failure.

I had the same for a long time and when I checked my calories intake I just had way too little.

  • Make sure you fuel post-workout.
  • fuel during the workout if applicable
  • have enough food during normal meals (no “athletic starvation”)

After reading Endurance Diet I swear I am now eating double what I had before, didn’t gain a single kilogram

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