Advice about following/continue a training plan

Hi from Spain,
I am a devoted to Trainerroad. I have followed several plans on the past 3 years, and my fitness improved.
But I think I am a little stuck on improving my FTP since a year ago or so. Right now I am in the middle of a customized plan (from begining September to the end of the year) to improve on climbings (too many climbings on my area, that’s cool…).

This customized plan was built just after 4 months of all outdoors (my trainer was broken). So I think I had a good base as I did 3 rides per week (and with more volume, 3-4 hours per ride) or so and trying to do the trainings with some brain (doing intervals, etc…).

I post an image of my actual plan that finishes by the end of december. And my FTP history. I always do the Ramp Test since was delivered.
I know there is no much improvement (2-3%) on certain points of training.

So my question is what plan should I take to try improooove my FTP a lot. I am able to make 3 rides midweek, an outdoors ride and an indoor ride during the weekend. Total 5 rides per week (I always match an outdoors ride with an indor ride).