Advice to Shake Things Up

Hello all,

Long time TR rider and I typically spend October - May following SS Base Mid, Sust Power Build and then TT Special for a total of roughly 32 weeks. My main priority June to Sept is 15 and 40km iTT.

I looked through the Traditional Base Mid volume 1,2,3 and the two Polarized plans.
I’d love some feedback on how to combine Traditional Base, Sustained Build and Polarized to take me into TT specialty. How to mix them correctly etc and hoping the change will feel fresh. I also incorporate weights and rowing in the off season at least 2x per week.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Dale1328 :slight_smile:

That’s great that you’re looking at trying something different for your next training plan!

Given the parameters you’re mentioning, I’d put them in this order of increasing intensity for a total of 36 weeks :

  1. Traditional Base 1, 2 & 3 (12 weeks)

  2. Polarized Base (8 weeks)

  3. Sustained Power Build (8 weeks)

  4. TT Specialty (8 weeks)


Thx very much. I’m excited to switch it up and looks great.