Not enough time to do a full base/build/speciality phase

Hi all,
(i also posted this question on facebook). I am trying to figure out my training plan (using the calendar). In Australia we have A events in Autumn (March through May 19) and then A events in Sept/Oct. I normally do a full base/build/speciality over summer (Nov through Feb) and then manage the two peaks using a build/speciality mix (as has been covered well on the podcast etc by Chad and the team).

This year due to the timing, i am short by about 4 weeks in my base/build/speciality cycle over the summer months. I run a high level of fitness all year (averaging ~ 500 to 700 TSS all year). i am trying to work out, do i cut short my base on the theory i already have a good level of aerobic fitness coming into the training cycle or do i cut short my rolling road race by a few weeks at the end on the basis it is just sharpening.

I am guessing the pros have a similar issue when they come off the grand tour season in the end of August and then are back racing for Tour down under in Jan?

Many thanks

I would go for your first option and cut the base phase short - given that you’re maintaining a high load year round, you would certainly have the base already well built. That should get you maximum value from the specialty phase for your events.

Great, thank you, appreciate it. that was my leaning as well.

Hey David!

We have a couple articles in our Help Center that should help shine some light on your situation:

I hope this helps!


Thanks Bryce!! Perfect really appreciate it