Advice fitting in outside fun rides with RLGL

I’m not sure I’ve set the days right on my plan now it’s getting sunny since I live in a rather hilly area I’m generally either going up in z4 and up or heading down in z1. RLGL has pretty much said don’t do anything after every outside ride (bar an outside z2 workout which tbh isn’t ever a good idea with hills but it was nice on Friday!)

I’ve set the plan to:

  • Mon hard intensity session
  • Tue hard intensity session
  • Wed is my group ride which is a bit full on as we all get over-excited
  • Fri for endurance
  • weekend for whatever

Just about every time I come in TR suggests I’m cooked, my legs know about it but I’m not that cooked. After my ride today which wasn’t full on as it was solo my Monday vo2 session tried to change to an easy recovery one. I understand the principle and aims of RLGL but considering the amount of red I think I might be at fault here in how I’ve got my plan laid out.

Should I move one hard session to Friday and then have endurance on Monday post-weekend? Should one of the hards be on Wed, and then that gets replaced by the group smash, I’m loath to go down to 2 sessions a week but I guess with a group ride it’s still 3 week-time sessions.

Throw in recovery days til your ramp rate catches up

Hey @firemunki :slight_smile:

I am not surprised RLGL is giving you Red Days :see_no_evil:

You have all your intensity training 3 days in a row, plus you’ve added a lot more volume in comparison to previous weeks…

I would definitely move a hard session to Friday and then have an endurance day on Monday (which I see you’ve already done!) to ease up from whatever you do on the weekend which most of the time tends to be a good amount of volume.

Let me know how the next block goes!

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Yup, the Wednesday rides only just restarted and they’ve all been faster than last year - TR must do something for me!

Looking forward to seeing how the rearranging goes. Thanks for helping out @Caro.Gomez-Villafane


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