Adjusting Training Plan

I need to adjust the MMV plan to fit into my life which requires off days on Tuesday and Thursday. I would also don’t want to ride longer than 1.5 hours on weekdays, so longer rides need to stay on the weekend

Option 1
Switch plan from this:

To this:

Is there a better way to rearrange this schedule? Or would I be better off adding mileage to the low volume plan. If adding to the low volume plan, what workouts are best to add to the plan. I assume it would mainly be Zone II rides I am adding.

I am not training for anything particular (Covid and all), so I am just trying to make progress and grow my ability.

How long have you be doing structured training? 4 days in a row of Moderate to Difficult intensity might be too much. But no harm in trying it and seeing how it goes. Just be willing to modify it again if it’s too much.

I have been doing structured training for about two years. Just now have enough volume to switch MMV. But I think you are correct on what problem I am seeing. I am also 47 years old and I lift weights 5X a week (30 minutes per day alternating between legs & upper), so recovery is going to be a major issue/constraint.

If you want to continue with the weight lifting, I would stick to the low volume plans. Add zone 2 rides as time/stress/desire allow. That’s my uneducated opinion.