Adjusting plan for quarantine

I’ve had to readjust my training plan after the 70.3 I was planning at the end of May has been postponed so will be doing one in September instead. I’m doing a low volume half ironman program with 3 bikes and 3 runs a week. New Zealand has just announced a total lockdown to the point that they are encouraging people to not even go out for a run. is there a way to adjust the plan builder so that I can do a heavy bike block for the next several weeks, with 5ish rides a week?

FYI you can go out for a run in NZ, just keep it either solo or with those you’re living with and if you come across people keep your distance.

You can adjust your plan, for example click on Base 1 or Build etc and then modify the level you want for that block.

Pretty much the same boat here- training for Cairns 70.3 in June but that got canned obviously.
Not sure if you can adjust the volume of one discipline using plan builder, but because I’m not able to swim I’m taking the sweet spot base/sustained power build route, which i understand is quite specific to multisport athletes. Depending on your run/swim volume you could also manually add or sub in more bike workouts.