Adjusting Full Distance Plan for 'B' Race

I’m signed up for IM Mont-Tremblant and considering Eagleman 70.3 as a ‘B’ race. The Half falls 11 weeks from my Full (or on week 6 of my Build if I work backwards from the Full date). Unfortunately, the Build calls for a hard brick or 70.3 on week 8. So which would be better?

  1. Keep the Build start date the same; just add a short taper before and after the race in week 6.
  2. Move the Build start dates up 2 weeks; so that the race coincides with week 8 of the Build and then repeat weeks 7 and 8 of the Build to close the gap before the Specialty.

Anything else I should consider? Most of the other big local Half’s are earlier not later.

One other thing you could do is the first 5 weeks of the Build plan and then do (or adapt) the taper week from the Speciality section to taper into your B race.

Schedule a recovery week with a few easy rides the week afterwards and then I think you’d be back on track for hitting Mont Tremblant. One think you might consider is adjusting the timing so that you repeat week 5 again in the week after the recovery week as it might get you used to the intensity of the build programme at the level you left it rather than making another jump.

Interesting option! Would you plug in the taper weeks from the Half or Full Specialty plan?

TBH there’s probably not much difference but you could do a lot worse than to do a run through of the week your planning to do before Mont Tremblant, swim bike and run.

Potentially there’s a lot to be gained by finding out what works and what doesn’t.