Adding volume to MV plans by adding endurance rides?

One of my goals for this season is to hang in with the top group in my race category. So far I have only been able to hang on with them for about 1/3 of a race, and I feel like I need a little more endurance.

I’m currently on the mid-volume tier, and I would like to add a little more volume. My body feels up for it so far. During the week this just isn’t going to work for otherwise I would have to sacrifice sleep. However, during the weekend, I could tack on some volume. This weekend, I have added 45 minutes by replacing 1:30 hour-endurance rides with 2:00- and 1:45-hour endurance rides (it was the last week of a block).

So I was thinking to add 30-60 minutes of endurance rides after my prescribed workouts to add a little volume. Or should I rather add + versions of the workouts instead, but those are often “just” harder rather than longer.

You’re definitely thinking about it right. Build up the volume with endurance rides as you see fit. After you feel you can handle the increased volume, then you can go for the + versions : )


We just posted an article about this topic on our Blog :slight_smile:


Didn’t want to create a new topic, so I decided to add a question to this thread as I felt this was the most appropriate one.

Should I still add Z2 volume to the Crit Speciality plan? Im used to doing alot more volume in the last 10 months. On the other hand I dont want to add too much volume and loose the tapering aspect of a Speciality phase. Thoughts?

The taper only takes place in the final 2-3 weeks. You can likely add the volume in the first 3 weeks before the recovery week with no issues.

After that, it might make sense to reduce the added volume in a similar ratio to the way the main workouts are done in the 2nd half of the plan.

Perfect. Plenty of cycling for me in the first half then and then figure out how much % the plan starts to drop off to do the same with added volume. Thanks for the response.

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