Adding sprint training to century plan

I just got into road cycling and training this year, currently on the first recovery week of sustained power build. I’m training for a grand fondo that has timed climb segments, between lots of back and forth decided to settle on doing the recommended century speciality. I’m currently on the mid volume plan and I like to swap my Sunday ride for a longer outside aerobic ride usually around 3+ hours, which falls well inline with the weekly tips. I want to work on my sprint power a bit, and noticed that in the other road racing plans in the weekly tips they usually suggest a longer aerobic ride with some sprints, would be be to much for my plan, or would it make sense to close out the week with a few sprint repeats to train my sprinting, or would it make more sense to go and add then in on another day?

during aerobic endurance rides toss in a short 5sec sprint every 8-10 minutes. Start with 6 or 8 sprints total. Keeping them to 5-seconds will limit training to CP energy system, avoid spiking lactate, and not generate muscle fatigue for your long z2 ride.

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What about trying to train a 15-30second sprint?

Its a tradeoff, but doing 10-15 sec sprints seem to have worked for me… Try it and see.

Gotcha, well thanks for the suggestion, very much appreciated

In addition to the excellent advice you receive in this thread, don’t forget about the form sprints that are included in some of your recovery day workouts.

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It won’t do much to specifically help your century; if you’re training truly the max you’ll mostly be building anaerobic capacity and power.

But if you enjoy it, why not? Can’t hurt. And if it makes you a better bike rider (helps your on-bike athleticism), that’s always a good thing. Also, if you keep pedaling while you’re resting, you could find yourself getting plenty of aerobic work on that day too.