Adding event to plan builder

Any one know if/ how to add an event to plan once the calendar has already been filled out ? Cheers Jim

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Add it to the Calendar, and you should be prompted to add it to your plan (assuming you use the ‘events’ option and not the ‘I don’t have events’ option).

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Doesn’t work for me either…

You need to add a race, not just an event. If you add an event, you can’t have Plan Builder recalculate your plan to accommodate your new activity.

Kinda… but they are using mixed terms that leads to confusion. The Race/Event designation is one and the same, because there is not “Event” option to start. And it gets more confusing…

Pic of first screen after picking a day to add something:

And the next screen after clicking [Race]:

So, they are using both Race and Event, somewhat interchangeably and confusing, IMHO.


This is a good point Chad, I will share this with the design team :+1:.


Yes, I had the same issue due to confusion.

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I also noticed that triathlon workouts are only added by Plan Builder when a triathlon is an ‘A’ race. If a triathlon is a ‘B’ or ‘C’ race, no swim\run workouts are added whatsoever. I wonder if that’s intentional.

I have a sprint triathlon in September, and a 3-4 imperial centuries before then. That’s how it is for me.

I suggest reporting that directly to to get an answer, and maybe flag them to review what sounds like an issue to me.