Feature request - notes for scheduled workouts on calendar

I’d like to be able to make notes about workouts when planning and before I ride them–not just post-ride notes! For example, I am using TR as cross-training with a run focus right now, so it’s important to know things like “take it easy for tomorrow’s big workout” etc. Keep up the great work y’all. Thanks.

YEAH! I thought about merging this to an existing notes/calendar feature request post, but adding a stand-alone ‘item’ in the calendar as a note prior to workout would be great.
If you sync to google calendar I think you could add an ‘event’ in your google calendar as an ad hoc note, but that’s kind of bogus.
Notes within future workouts would also be great if you dont do a workout but want to leave a note to track illness/injury. +1 for more calendar features!!! :raised_hands:

I agree. Especially since I do my workouts only on my Garmin, which I don’t always sync right away. I can’t leave notes until after I sync, and by then I may have forgotten what little was in my head.

*Still going to pass along this feature request to add notes to future workouts, but I almost forgot that annotations may be a good options for a quick note if you need a reminder to ‘take it easy on this run’ or so on, at least for the meantime. :sunglasses:

cc @nashkato

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