Adding multiple races to calendar, when to recalculate plan?

I should probably know this by now but alas I don’t lol As CX races started being added, I’m going to add them to my calendar, and I know there’s the option to recalculate my plan. This wasn’t so critical to me in the past but now with AT I’m trying to be more mindful of this. So should I add each individual race and recalculate for each time I add the race, or add each race and only recalculate at the very last one I add so it takes everything into account, or does it not really matter?

I don’t think the final result with change via either method, but that is a guess.

I see it as a waste of time to recalculate before adding your final event since you are essentially “redoing” the calculation that must be done in the end. I personally skip recalcs until I am done adding events, time off, etc. and just do it one time.

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Changing the dates of your ‘A’ event or adding another ‘A’ event for a different part of your season may have a significant impact. Dont worry too much about B and especially C races and recalculation effects, especially if your A race is staying the same.


I’m doing the same thing right now as our CX schedules are starting to roll out. I try to add a few races as C events, and then when I am done adding the last one I will tell it to recalculate. If they are all C races it doesn’t really do much to impact your AT plan, but it will replace those workouts on the days you added events. My original AT plan was aiming (hopefully) at an A race in late October, so I have kept that in place and the plan rebuilds around it.