Can Plan Builder recalculate for added races yet?

Hi Crew!
Starting to get excited for the potential of racing next year, and I’d like to plug in my A race and get rolling on Plan Builder. However, the dates for the many B and C races that sprinkle in there have not been announced yet. Do we know if (or how long until) new races can be plugged into PB and the system with although recalculate a taper/recovery period if necessary for the added race? Or do we still have to make those modifications manually?

In theory, your plan will adapt up to the day prior to your B and C races (by assigning some openers), so you can add B and C races as you go, and Plan Builder will offer the option to recalculate!
You’ll just want to keep in mind the practical time frame depending on the priority event (e.g. A events will have a taper week/opener workout, B events will have opener workout/remove the workout the day before/after the event, C events will replace the workout for that day with the event).
Fingers crossed we get to add plenty of A, B, and C races to our calendars soon! I know we’re all going stir crazy! :crazy_face:


Agreed! Normally I wouldn’t be getting excited about a race a year away because there would be so much in the meantime to look forward to. But ya know… #yearnotnormal. lol

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I’m gonna set up course-tape in the grocery store for that ‘race day feel’… Just to see what happens. :rofl:

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