Add Target Power Floor

I’ve always struggled with these longish 105% rides including over unders.

Problem: on 105% rides I am successful on interval 1, then blow up, and mostly unsuccessfully struggle through remaining. I often find after the session under examination, the first interval I was actually riding a lot of V02 and some at 105%. Because I treat the target power as the floor.

I believe my problem is solved with ERG mode, but alas, I do not have that currently on my trainer. Not looking to debate the ERG part.

Interim Solution: So now i reduce to 95% and use those powers as floor and ceiling. Success.

But how much am I losing?. I’d rather complete all intervals.

Desired Feature: This is why I would like TR to tell me, “well here is really the floor and ceiling for success in this workout”.

Two images of my no ERG mode problem.

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Lower your ftp.


think? i don’t. have had two ramp test in a row show same ftp. thought about it though. this also happened last two years on these 9 min 105%. if i had a trainer with ERG i’m pretty sure i could sustain those edge 105% threshold. problem is i ride from 105-108/110(v02) with lots of time spent in v02; because 105 is the floor. purpose of the ride is not to hold v02 for 9 minutes; but thats what it forces one into.

maybe need an answer to the question; for 105% for 9 minute interval sessions, is the purpose to ride at the edge of threshold (100-105%), or is the purpose to ride at threshold and into v02?

Yea I get what you’re asking. I am the same way without erg mode. Always bouncing above the power target.

You’re over thinking it a bit though… Don’t think about what you are potentially losing, Training is all about minimum effective dose and not about maximum dose. If turning the resistance down 3% allows you to finish then the workout is doing what its intended to do. Just because you couldn’t hit the default number on the screen doesn’t mean you are losing. You are giving your body a stimulus that it has not experienced and will adapt to.

So to answer your question… lower down to where you are able to finish all the intervals with roughly the same avg power. Also work on keeping power delivery as smooth as possible so you don’t overshoot the target.


For a feature request… I kinda like this range thing, but I do not think it;s technically possible for TR to pull off currently. When they did the TrainingPeaks workout integration, the guide said it would average the range instead of giving you the range. I bet it;s easier said than done.

Also having a range before ERG kicks you into a death spiral would be nice.


Thanks for that. You’re right that from an organizational standpoint, may not be easy or worthwhile, but passing along to the team nonetheless!

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perhaps just a chad text update that says “try to stay out of v02 but not below 102%” or “you might find yourself in v02 on occasion, thats not the goal but okay” or “yay to the bits of v02 thats the goal!”