Add or substitute workouts for runs (Cx training)

I am about to start SSB mid volume as a build up to next years cx season (for me summer is just for training and getting ready for cx season) and looking to add in a couple of short runs / hill sprint intervals per week as running with the bike was a definate weakness this season.

I am in my late 50’s so not looking to reduce my 2 rest days, but was wondering whether I would be better adding a morning run to the lower intensity days or swapping out the lower intensity days completely for run training and would be interested in peoples thoughts or experience with this.

I wouldn’t add any extra work to your lower intensity/recovery days. I think the ideal time would be after a harder bike workout. You won’t impact the quality of your bike workout, and you won’t negatively impact your low intensity/recovery days.

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Very well said :+1:.

You definitely will not want to add a running workout on your recovery day, since that will make it much harder for your body to adapt to your training stress. As a rule of thumb, you want to keep your easy days easy and make your hard days harder :slight_smile:

So you have a few options:

  1. Do the running workout on the same day as a tough cycling workout. This option is appropriate if you are feeling underchallenged by your current training load, and you are looking to have a higher weekly training stress.
  2. Do the running workout and a reduced volume version of your planned cycling workout. Do a “-1”, or “-2” version of the cycling workout so that you are not taking on too much additional stress.
  3. Do the running workout instead of the planned ride. I would not recommend this option since skipping an interval day per week will seriously hinder your ability to progress your cycling fitness. That being said, if you truly feel that your running is a big limiter on your race performance, then this could be a viable option.

I am also in my late fifties. I would do skills sessions and running on Friday as the season approached. I kept my runs to 30 minutes. I felt it had minimal impact on my weekend workouts with the mid-volume plans.

I do 2x10 mins of 30-30-30s which is part of a longer workout I do: an outside workout that got me pretty fast and up from a 5 to a 3 in about a season and a half. 30 seconds all out, 30 seconds coasting, 30 seconds dismount and carry the bike as fast as I can: I tried to do this part uphill. Got this from an old Katie Compton workout.

Thanks guys - will try adding some run sprint intervals to a couple of my workout days rather than replace.

Hi, im a reasonable 62yr old CX racer in the UK, summer roadman and do my runs only in the gym during the CX season using a varied incline for a maximum of 15 minutes, twice a week. This is sufficient in my estimation and can supplemented by the running in skills sessions, on offs and hill repeats. The days of long slogging runs are over, or should be. I would keep hard bike riding for just that nd not detract from these as they are the essence of whats required in a CX race.

I have a Related question, due to work travel I often have to sub in a run as there is no gym and I just can’t take bike with me… I just have a cycling based plan in plan builder and calendar. Is there an automated way I can get my run uploaded from Strava to Calendar? And will calendar be able to recognise TSS etc? I’m just about to go try simulate Donner workout with a run :+1:

  • Not at this time. You have to add them manually.
  • Yes, but only when you add it manually.
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I think it depends on where you and what kind of courses you race on. This should dictate what kind of run training you do.

In the USA, there are not many run heavy courses. You’re never really running for more than 50ft or a flight of stairs.

I think it’s good advice to add run/sprints on your hard cycling days but I think it would be better to do any run efforts while also working on you dismounts/remounts and carrying the bike. Basically combine your run workouts with a skills workout. If you’re going to do 10 run intervals, doing them with the bike is way more beneficial.