Add on more build weeks?

Builds are for building FTP and Specialty are for race season, right? After some slow-to-heal injuries, I’m finally through a decent RRR Build session. I had hoped to complete a mid volume block, but it came in closer to low volume due to life happening. Before I move on to a late April-June Road racing block, can I add another month of build, or do I need the change it up? If yes, should I repeat weeks 4-8 of the build phase? thanks!

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This is somewhat correct. I like to think about it this way:

In the Build Phase, you are reaching beyond your current capabilities and really pushing yourself. This is where a lot of gains are made, and you are really building your fitness.

In the Specialty Phase, you dial back the volume while keeping the intensity high. This allows your body the ability to “decompress” somewhat and recover from a tough Build Block. The lower volume is also condusive to racing because you are under less regular weekly training stress.

If you are feeling up to it, then going through another Build Block can be a great choice. Coming off of another Build Block, you do want to be careful and monitor your recovery and how you are feeling, but if you are feeling strong and ready to tackle it, then go for it :+1:

Yep, that’s a great approach.

Good luck!


Thanks for such a quick, good answer!

Of course! I’m happy to help :slight_smile: