Adaptive Training - same workout twice?

Hi everyone. Using AT, yesterday I completed a workout (Venado+1). Two days ago I completed the Ramp Test. I have the plan set to 3 works per week, and was expecting the next one to be on Saturday. However, having completed Venado+1 it was added to my calendar again for today. I can see that it has reduced from progression to achievable, which makes sense, but should the same workout appear back-to-back like this?

I’ve got the same issue, back to back same work out

Same here. In three weeks this has happened to me three times. I have tried both doing the same ride again, with more intensity, as well as picking an alternate. I raised to support too. There aren’t many alternate work outs with similar profiles but higher intensity/PLs, which I think is part of the problem.

This can happen occasionally when two consecutive days in a training plan have the same intent and duration, and when there aren’t many workouts with the particular Progression Level/ workout profile combination available in the catalog for AT to choose from. The hundreds of new workouts we recently added made this rarer, and as we continue adding workouts this will happen less and less.