How does AT react to second workouts back to back?

Returning to TR after a year with another platform, very interested in AT/Train Now features.

I chose the SSB/MidVol bc I dont think i can consistently fit in the HighVol hours to my work schedule. My question is, if I do have extra time on a given day, how does AT handle a second back to back workout? For example, i did Monitor -1 (1hr ss) and still had time to kill. I was tempted to load Pettit or something similar (1hr Z2), but i wasnt sure i had a full hour to dedicate, or how that would mess w progression so I ended up doing about 45min at z2 in [the other platform].

Anyway, what would have been the best way to manage that in TR? Load up Pettit and flag the survey as “time”? Does AT consider i just did Monitor -1 when looking at a second ride as far as tracking progression? Had I completed the full hour of z2, i probably would have answered “hard” instead of the usual “moderate” i give Pettit by itself.

At the moment, doing another workout doesn’t impact AT, I’d often add Pettit or whatever after a vo2 workout. AT adapts key workouts of a plan
Based on how you do on key workouts. Anything extra isn’t accounted for

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  • That makes sense to me.
  • Not in the way we might expect. There doesn’t seem to be anything looking at “how close” any workout comes to another within a day specifically in AT.

  • TrainNow will look at recent workouts and stuff like TSS, which can shape the workouts it offers and specifically lists as “Recommended”. But that doesn’t seem to tie into AT at this time.

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