Adaptive Training is SKYNET beware 😱

I have been using Adaptive Training for a more than a minute and in my latest plan since Oct I have completed Base and 1st Build Block. During this 1st Build Block is when I realized TRs algorithms to control Machine Learning(ML) might be off.

I completed the following workouts San Cristobal, Haw Knob, Dashuik, Dollar Law, and Starlight -2 during the 1st Build Block. All workouts conclude with 10 to 20minutes of endurance work. However, I did not receive any credit towards endurance progression level increase. I thought this strange as 20 minutes is a rather long interval.

So, I informed TR Help Desk. The next day I had another VO2 Max workout and I failed this miserably. It was an epic fail of the like I have NOT had in awhile.

I am convinced that that was AT aka SKYNET punishing for me for questioning the machine. Earlier on the same day before I expressed my concern I successfully completed a VO2 MAX workout and received a 0.8 bump. However, the next day my VO2 workout was and EPIC FAIL!

I am convinced it is the Machines and ML SKYNET aka AT is running wild. I have read “Superintelligence” and the author addresses controls for ML as the machines will eventually learn to survive at all costs.

This is my story and I’m sticking with it AT is SKYNET!

I do not accept that:

Maybe at 61 I’m just an old fart and my better days are long gone OR

Maybe I did two back to back difficult/Very Hard VO2 MAX workouts OR

Maybe the night before my sleep was off and not sufficient OR

Maybe I need to start tracking my HRV and know 100% if my body needs rest!


This is my story and sticking with it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Head for the hills and keep the rubberside down!