What's going on, AI?

I just - barely - completed Nevado. I’m struggling with the longer VO2 max intervals and had to back-pedal a few times to get to the end of an interval. Now for next week, the AI has suggested an adaptation that increases the interval length from 4 to 5 minutes with some extra TSS and IF thrown in. What is it thinking?? Yes, thank you, I know I’m rubbish at these kinds of workouts so I probably should do more of them. Joking aside, is it because it recognised my HR drop when I back-pedalled, so it thinks I wasn’t working hard enough?

What did you rate the workout as? Maybe if you didnt rate it high enough then it thinks you’re ok. Maybe you are ok?! You made it through didnt you? :wink:


I rated it “very hard”. I was not ok :sob:. My legs were :scream:

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Hmmm. Not sure about others, but I always reserved Very Hard and below for workouts where I still hit all my targets without pauses/backpedals/power reductions …


I don’t think it will be anything to do with heart rate when back pedaling. You don’t need a HR monitor to use AT.

Sounds like the effort was all out and maybe this would be the appropriate measure?

If I have to stop/back pedal, I would class this as “All Out”. If I get through it without backpedaling, but by the skin of my teeth, then I’d use “Very Hard”.


Yep I would classify that as “Out at” at a minimum. I would classify a workout as very hard if I am having some thoughts about not complying fully with the workout but completing with full compliance.


Right. I changed the survey to “all out”, and now it stopped giving me suggestions for harder workouts. Though I’m pretty sure I read on here a while ago that the AI doesn’t take the survey into consideration at all.

My last VO2 workout I was only able to complete half of the last interval, however I was still given a “pass survey”. Since I didn’t consider the workout a pass I marked it as “All Out” and was then given the “struggle survey”. After the struggle survey my next VO2 workout was reduced. I was surprised that TR considered that a pass.


Yep similar experience with one of my previous workouts, few backpedals and missed the target watts on high Z2 portion. I was expecting a failure as I felt like one after the workout :grinning:

Maybe for AiFTp detection, but it’s a big factor in adaptive training.


What IS it thinking? As I often say Adaptive Training is a Golem made of Silicon…which means it’s not really thinking! :smiley: There should be a button you can click to reject adaptations. This isn’t a Milgram Conformity Experiment and even if it were you are both the subject delivering the pain and the confederate receiving the pain. So just reject the adaptations.

When the workout rolls around if you think you can handle a more challenging workout find your way to the Alternates button and implement your own ‘adaptation’ in a carte blanche fashion.


Think that it is a hard workout, so AI is expecting it to be rated “hard” and is thus carrying on with the progression to a harder workout of the same type next week.

It thinks you completed the workout, and you did.

You think you failed, but you didn’t.

You will get through it next week. Focus your mind on nutrition and recovery.


Are you telling me that exercise isn’t mean to be physical torment and mental despair??

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And to think…I hesitated…

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… there is indeed such a button. When adaptations are announced, you can reject them.

  • Just to make it clear, this is incorrect.

  • The two main things AT is using is 1 - our performance in the workout AND 2 - the ride survey responses, which then drive any changes to pending workouts on our calendar.


This is just Skynet doing it’s thing. Nothing to see here. :grin:

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TR could do a better job of placing the button (related options should not be on opposite sides of the screen), but here is a screenshot of the option from the related support article:


  • The option is specifically listed as “Don’t Adapt My Plan”.