Adaptive training - 'Credit' in the AI for strength workouts [Feature Request]

G’day all

Been away from TR for quite a while (using an alternate ‘smart’ algorithm based app) and looking forward to trying out the new adaptive version!

I’ve got the personal ‘A’ event coming up towards the end of the year (early December) so I’m starting the prep now.

That event is roughly the equivalent of a 1K TT on the track. Strength workouts will be a big part of that prep. I know weaving strength into a plan that’s geared towards TSS can be a bit tricky but I’ve developed a scheme I’m happy with and seemed to work OK last year. Nothing too fancy, really just RPE.

I can add ‘Other’ workouts into the calendar with a TSS score. Bewdy!

Do these workouts get evaluated by the adaptive AI as part of your training effort and it then adapts accordingly?

This is a big deal because a hard ‘leg’ day significantly affects the bike effort I can do after! :slight_smile:


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  • No, those and other workouts (like run or swim) are not included in AT calcs at this time.

Thanks for the prompt reply Chad. Much apperciated.

Feature request please :slight_smile:

Hopefully the all-knowing algorithm will see how fatigued I am from my unexpectedly poor performance and give me a break :wink: