Adaptive Training Is Now Out of Beta & Fully Available to All TrainerRoad Athletes!

I don’t know for sure as i’ve never tried a Garmin coaching plan but i think it would be the same with all plans. It runs separate to a training plan and just reacts every night to what you’ve done that day and changes one or several or all the days of the next 7 days,or nothing if you follow it. Particularly like it suggesting rest and recovery days.

It isn’t immediately clear on the Edge what the workout is because the home screen will always show what outdoor workout has been prescribed if you have one, you go into Training, Workouts, Daily Suggested Workout and it

I think its great if you just want to train with no goal event.

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Ah, not available for my 530… sounds good though, and the R&R recommendations would be handy for me.

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@Pirate @Michael_D Last year I followed my fenix 6 Garmin Suggested workouts (both cycling and running) for several months. I liked them. There was a good variety and it supposedly was specific to my current fitness level and accounted for my fatigue, lack of sleep, etc. I felt like it built a great foundation for my season. The newer watches and edge units will actually build towards a specific race (which mine won’t because it’s “old”).


Ah that’s great i just had a look. Interestingly it took my rest day into account yesterday and nudged my plan back a day.

Edge has an event calendar and suggested i put an event in, I’m doing Ride London in May so put that in with 21 mph as the target, distance etc and its now changed the daily suggested to an eye watering 13 hrs a week, surprised theres no rest day maybe it schedules one as you go along when it sees the effort done. Im on a TR rest week this week i may try this for a couple days see what happens. Isn’t sustainable i will continue with my TR plan for sure.

Today - base 1 hr 57
Tomorrow - base 1 hr 23
Sat - Long ride base 3 hrs 32
Sunday - long ride base 3 hrs 32
Monday - base 1 hr 27
Tues - Threshold - 1 hr 2
Wed - recovery - 30 mins

Overview is
Base Phase 5 Jan to 23 Feb
Build phase 24 Feb to 14 Apr
Peak phase 15 Apr to 17 May
Taper phase 18 May to 27 May

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I usually ended up shortening workouts. I normally only have 1 hour on week days. So, if it called for a longer endurance workout, I just stopped at an hour. If it was intervals, I would shorten the warmup and/or cooldown to try to match the work prescribed. The cool thing is that the “plan” is very dynamic and will change regularly. It’s similar to adaptive training that way. The difference is the workouts in TR adaptive training will always stay within the same energy system, meaning a threshold workout isn’t going to be adapted to an endurance workout. With Garmin a threshold workout later in the week may change to an endurance workout if you are not recovering.

Has anyone used Adaptive Training with Traditional Base 1 LV? I’m doing that though I modified the plan so my plan workouts are TuWTh, and rating all of the workouts as “moderate”, and I’ve yet to get a single adaptation. I’m curious if this is expected behavior or a bug worthy of reporting.

Even though I’ve been on TR since ancient times, this is my first time following TR plans and using Adaptive Training.

Im pretty sure the traditional base plans don’t work with the Adaptive features.

Its just the SS and Polarized that do.


Interesting. If correct, TR should note this on the plans

I’d be surprised if that’s the case, as adaptive training should be entirely training plan agnostic (it just changes future workouts based on your performance in similar workouts).

Seems to me that a rating of moderate is exactly what you’d be going for with endurance rides, so I don’t see why AT would change anything for @AlphaDogCycling

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I don’t think this is true, based on the FAQ:


They adapt even if you added them to your calendar without Plan Builder:

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If moderate is within the bounds of what that plan expects for those workouts, then AT has no reason to adapt future workouts. If you feel like the difficulty is off, you can fiddle with it by getting more dramatic with your responses (maybe very easy to get harder workouts, maybe hard to get easier workouts).


i don’t understand how you would adapt traditional base? just add time, keep intensity around 65% ish. Adaptive training for endurance level rides is incredibly pointless

Adaptations will vary with each user. Consider that someone might come in brand new or with very low Progression Levels, but a decent level of fitness that Adaptive Training doesn’t “know”. It’s possible they would progress faster in terms of Endurance Workout Levels than the default plan applied for a low PL rider.

Then consider that there is more to Traditional Base than pure Endurance workouts. Phase 1 is nearly Endurance exclusive, but Phases 2 & 3 step into plenty of Tempo, Sweet Spot and Threshold. As such, those will also be subject to rating and adaption.

I get that people often consider Traditional Base as all Endurance, but the truth with respect to the TR plan versions is quite different.

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Since this is the first time I’m using AT, and not sure what should be happening. To Chad’s point, I threw in an endurance 5.0 workout - higher PL than the plan workouts - and that didn’t trigger an adaptations. So not sure if this is expected behavior or not

  • Exactly how did you do or add this to your TR calendar?

  • What was your Endurance PL before this workout and how did you rate that workout?

  • What phase are you currently in (presumably Phase 1)?

  • What are the Workout Levels for the upcoming Endurance workouts?

As you can see, there are a number of details here, and likely more that I haven’t even touched upon. When in doubt, an email to TR is likely the best step for questions like this since they have direct access to so much more than we have on the forum, even when you provide decent info.

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Indoor TR workout I manually added to my calendar and completed successfully. I rated this workout as moderate. Looking back at my calendar, the PL increase was only 0.2 from 4.8 → 5.0

OK, a 0.2 increase is rather small generally speaking, with 0.5 or so as what I see in general TR trends. Unless your pending workouts were at or below the 5.0 rating of the one you added and completed, I would not expect any changes to pending workouts.

If you had made a jump of 0.75 or more, I would expect that to drive plenty of changes.


Pretty basic Adaptive Training Question: If I want to replace a scheduled weekend TR workout with an outside group ride (yes, I realize these aren’t the same), what’s the best way to do this:

  • Delete the TR workout and just do the ride?
  • Leave the workout on my calendar, but skip it and just do the outside ride?
  • Something else?

I tried searching the TR Blog, but I couldn’t find the answer to this question. From searching the TR blog for the answer to this, it really feels like TR needs an Adaptive Training FAQ based off of the questions people ask in this forum on how best to use AT.

TR support has said before you can leave a skipped workout there or delete it. Either way, it doesn’t matter.

aiFTP looks at all your completed rides.
AT looks at all the TR workouts you’ve done.
Those you skipped are ignored by these two features.

So it becomes an esthetic choice: do you care if your calendar shows a bunch of untouched workouts? I don’t, so I don’t delete.