Do Progress Levels drop too much after an FTP update?

Today I was allowed to use FTP detection again and since I really liked the new FTP (246->254 or 3.3%) I decided to immediately accept that and AT recommendations. I was at threshold level 5.2 and AT had me scheduled Starr King or 3x15 min @ 100% FTP or 246W, my threshold PL level dropped to 3.5 and as a replacement for my next threshold I was offered Mount Goode -4 for a total workout time of 75 min 3x12min @ 94% or 241W for a total workout time of 60 min. That’s significantly less than my original workout even with the 3.3% FTP bump

I tried to find a workout out at my new FTP which sort would match the Starr King at my old FTP, I couldn’t find an exact match but I think Mount Goode -2 a 5.3 threshold workout comes close with 15 minutes @ 241 , @ 251 and 246

Easy way to find out. Just do Starr King and report back.

On a more serious note. AT seems to be a bit conservative when it comes to PL reduction. The best thing to do is report this to support so they can evaluate if this is unintended behavior or give you a reasoning for such a big drop.

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Starr King would be too much but I think Mount Goode -2 @ 254W would come closer to Starr King @246W than Mount Goode -4

Who trained you to do my job for me. :rofl:
Thank you!!! This is 100% our advice for questions on PL/AT specifics; support knows best.


It’s just for discussion because I noticed the difference which I normally don’t between the pre ftp update and post update but in this case the difference was very clear the pre update 3x15 min @246W is significantly harder than the post ftp update 3x12 min @241W

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