Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

Hi all,

Cant find any guidance on what to expect, nor from support…What is going on here? :slight_smile:

Using my Garmin for an outdoor workout, and I noticed that it gave me a successful workout, even though to me I didn’t complete the workout. The workout was 3x20 sweetspot. The first interval was lower intensity than prescribed, probably more in the Tempo range. And I ended up doing a single 40 minute interval that was just about right at threshold. AT still gave me a full success. And it seems like the post ride survey doesn’t change the adaption based on the response. I tried picking different answers from moderate, hard, and very hard, but I get the same +3.8 adaption for each (1->4.8).

So, are they supposed to start at 1.0 when you accept Beta access? I accepted and got immediately presented with these levels.


I have literally just done my FTP test last week though, to start the 2nd phase of Build.

I wonder when I will ever get a failed workout survey. I have been really sick for the past 7 days and intentionally took 4 x 30 sec breaks in the second interval of comeback ride of Galena -1 (‘Achievable’ for me) because I was dying yet it qualifies as a pass (I marked it as ‘Very Hard’). I was hoping that my upcoming workouts would be adapted to become easier but a alas, the Sunday workout got adapted to be harder.

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Well, I need to get on with training so I accepted adaptations and nothing happened.


Are you doing outside workouts mostly? Are you on a wahoo head unit? Are you using a garmin head unit, but uploading via strava? All these things can make your progression levels not work as they should. Check your calendar for workouts that are “achievable”, “stretch” or perhaps “breakthrough” but have progressions marked as “+0” in your recent history. If so, you’re probably affected by one or more of these bugs.

see Adaptive Training Known Issues – TrainerRoad
and Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update - #951 by NotRailingTurns

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If you tap the arrow, it should jump to the adaptations. If it doesn’t, then it’s a bug. I had reported some buggy aspects of these arrows rather early on in the beta, but they had addressed them rather quickly at the time.

It’s actually quite lenient with what it considers a pass. I’ve skipped an entire 1 minute interval of Baird and gotten a pass survey before. As far as I’m concerned, I think that means we put way more pressure on ourselves in these workouts than we need to.

I would still say what you did falls into a pass, but maybe falls into the Struggle Pass category that they mentioned in the first podcast. Let us know if that Sunday workout adapts again. that’s still a ways out with a handful of workouts ahead of you, so it is possible it gets adapated again before Sunday. I wouldn’t worry about it until after Saturday’s workout if it hasn’t changed and it feels undoable.


Thanks for the response! Its quite confusing so to answer your questions:
I follow an LV plan and have been pretty strict on hitting all the indoors up until last week. Do you mean outdoor TR workouts or just riding outdoors? As above, I do the prescribed TR workouts indoors but ride 1-2 times outdoors additionally but unsructured rides. I use a Garmin watch, all 3 accounts are linked Strava/Garmin/TR.

I only accepted the Beta this morning before a VO2 ride.

*quick edit: On my calendar it says all my outdoor rides are imported from Garmin.

I think (note think) that indoor TR workouts synced via strava (strava can be in the picture even though it says “garmin” on the calendar) also can be affected, but I would definitively contact support If I where you.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Am I the only one who cries a little every time a friend who doesn’t use TR regularly gets accepted into the beta? I guess the good news is that it’s happening more frequently, which means the numbers are going up.

Just gotta remind myself to be careful what I wish for, and I appreciate everyone who shares the issues they encounter in this thread.



The upcoming workouts I am pretty sure I will not even 80% pass after todays experience (Truchas +2 and Warlow) so there is hope that the adaptations that I think I need still happen. Although, who knows, maybe I will be able to do them after all.

I had this feeling early on as well. There were workouts it prescribed that I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to accomplish, and when I did them, they were in that perfect challenge window for my fitness. Hoping you get the same experience!

Yeah nothing shows, the screen is after I pressed the arrows. Ive sent it into support.

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I got in, so excited. I can finish rest week and get back to attacking and dominating.


I hope it’s more exciting than my first three days: three days of confusion, blanks and no adaptations. :sweat_smile:

Your indoor work should have scoring. Outpost workouts synced through Strava and Garmin Connect work fine for me. I just did one this weekend, no issues other than lap button stupidity.

I think, can’t quite recall, that it took a bit of time for my levels to move after accepting. I can’t exactly recall. I did start for some things but not others.

Look in your calendar history and see if you have values attached in either the blue achievable letter or green Progressive, yellow Stretch, and I forget the color for Breakthrough.

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Give manually setting your ftp a shot
I was fiddling around with w/kg and toggled my ftp up and down(to the tested level) and my levels “fixed” themselves.

I havent done very much structured training due to Ironman last month, therefore AT thought I was losing fitness due to not logging any rides. But I’m still in great shape. I suspect in the background your “assumed FTP” degrades over time. Toggling the FTP number triggered it to say “Hey, your ftp is still actually good, lets pick up where you left off with your progressions levels for the last trainer workout you did.” Manually setting your ftp is the same event as taking a ramp test thru the robot eyes of AT.
All speculation of course.

Just did another outside workout. The prescribed power for the VO2max intervals was 352W. I averaged over 370+ without any problems and got ‘fail’ survey with 0.0 adaption.
Outside workouts just don’t work for me :frowning_face:


eyein that 300 person jump with my fingers crossed for the next one :no_mouth: